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I consider myself a “decorative mood enhancer.” I create a visual atmosphere, by helping select the perfect color or wall design that works optimally for a client’s needs. I wanted to help people utilize rooms that were either once unsatisfying or unused, and transform them into an oasis that is a livable, comfortable environment.

And thus Beyond White was born.

Color has such an impact on our lives. It evokes emotion and plays a huge part in our overall mood. The psychology of color is important to one’s well-being. Certain colors can excite you, while others can turn you off. Some promote energy, while others deliver a mood of relaxation. It’s all about balance and choosing colors that naturally appeal to you and work harmoniously together.

I partner with my clients choosing paint colors and/or decorative treatments. I also advise on what will, or won’t work for your lifestyle. Just like people, many paint mediums are different and not ideal for everyone. I help organize our ideas and then transform these visions on your walls.

I do the same with my retail projects. A well-designed look, whether using decorative painting techniques or solid colors, is paramount for setting the tone or vibe for the perfect atmosphere.

I am proud to be part of an elite group of Platinum Decorative Painters nationwide, certified in select specialty techniques. In addition, using paints that are environmentally friendly, also lends to more options for my clients. I am always trying to learn and design something different. My work is predominately artist-inspired and therefore becomes its own “art on the walls,” and usually one of a kind.

I love what I do and I always keep acquiring skills to create an environment for you filled with warmth, color, and beauty!

Thank you for supporting Beyond White and I look forward to helping you with your vision!

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