custom color consultations

How do new colors work with the other colors in your home?  How will they flow into the other rooms?  How does lighting affect the color and overall tone in a room?  What type of paint and sheen do you want on your walls?  Do you know what colors to choose?   Will they work with my current décor?

If you answered “I don’t know” to any of these questions, you may want to invest in a Beyond White Color Consultation.

The process of choosing colors can feel overwhelming and some will play it “safe” by painting their walls white or neutral beige.

There are unlimited possibilities of paint colors and techniques available, which can complement your other accessories. So unless you love a safe beige or white, you may need some assistance.

Beyond White can help guide you through this process.  We know what colors do and don’t work on your walls.  You are now one huge step closer to a home makeover!  A small investment can result in greater returns on your large investment….your home! 

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