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How incredible to watch rooms in your house transform into something you've always imagined, or better yet, something you never imagined! New colors breathe new life into spaces.

Beyond White helps create a visual atmosphere in your home with painted walls of solid hues, decorative and faux finishing techniques, wall textures, metallic paints, or whatever else can be imagined on a wall.

By partnering with the client, and drawing from their imagination, the choices in color can create the emotional impact of a room one is seeking.

Why limit color to your walls? Other surfaces or objects in your home can experience a transformation, too. Floors, backsplashes, outdated tile and furniture. Also home accessories including frames, chandeliers, flower pots, statues, lamps/shades, outdoor lights, porch rails and mailboxes. And the list goes on…

Anyone can paint a room… Beyond White creates a home.



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